CREW examines emergent frameworks and strategies for achieving environmental justice.

Connecting critical perspectives on environmental change, knowledge, and political power, we focus on diverse forms of ‘restorative environmental work’ — collective efforts to rebuild relations of respect and reciprocity between people, places, ecosystems, and all living beings.

CREW is a hub for research on core themes including:
rights of nature
multispecies justice
transitions thinking
decommissioning practices

Our geographic focus extends through active connections in California and Latin America to the broader Pacific Rim. Across the region, restorative environmental initiatives both challenge and expand our understanding of critical global issues, including post-carbon futures; climate justice; resource frontiers; and neo/colonialism.

CREW Team Members

Our team continues to grow. Read more about those involved here:


Javiera Barandiaran

Director and co-founder of CREW, Javiera Barandiaran is Associate Professor in the Department of Global Studies at UCSB. Javiera's work explores the intersection of science, environment, and development in Latin America.

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Tristan Partridge

Academic Coordinator and co-founder of CREW, Tristan Partridge is a Lecturer in the Department of Global Studies and the Blum Center on Poverty, Inequality, and Democracy at UCSB. Tristan's work examines issues of energy, inequality, and Indigenous struggles for justice, including collective efforts to defend the high-altitude páramo wetlands in Ecuador.

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Nick Triozzi

GIS and Mapping Specialist at CREW, Nick Triozzi is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Anthropology at UCSB.

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Toni Valtierra

Vanessa Toni Valtierra is an undergraduate researcher with CREW.

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Some of the focal points for research in CREW: